Online Coaching


The i12 programme is a 12-week online coaching platform designed for body and mindset transformation.

This package offers you comprehensive online personal training and bespoke nutrition plans, along with lifestyle coaching and mindset training.

Complete with weekly webinars, this course is jam packed full of knowledge and education designed to give you lasting results.

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Online training plans are available for improving body shape, losing inches, athletic performance and muscle mass.

Plans are written in 6 week blocks and include a weekly Skype / FaceTime check-in, goal setting, mindset approach and adjustments along the way.

All you need is access to a gym or self-provided equipment for home workouts.

6 week training plan = £49.50

12 week training plan = £89.50


Monthly Nutrition Coaching is available for those who want to optimise their physical health, mental wellbeing, fat loss and / or muscle growth.

1 month = £49.50

2 months = £89.50

3 months = £124.50

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