The Training Room

Monthly Membership Package

The Training Room is an online monthly membership that gives you support and direction with your training and nutrition.

Access and participate in live weekly home workouts, including Bodyweight training, Kettlebells and Yoga.

Receive direction and coaching with goal specific nutrition support.

Join an online community of like-minded people and participate in weekly member challenges!

What You Get:

  • Three new online fitness training videos to follow every week
  • Live workouts include Bodyweight training, Kettlebells and Yoga
  • Access to recipes and shopping lists
  • Goal specific macros to follow
  • Access to a range of training & nutrition plans
  • Weekly coaching and support with live chats
  • Access to members only Facebook group
  • Weekly group challenges and discussion
  • An online training app for your smart phone

Get Started Today

You can start your membership and get instant access to the coaching and community support for only £14.50 per month.

Join Here

Once you have signed up, you will automatically be directed to the online training app with links to the Facebook page and access to the workouts and nutrition support.


"Is there an admin fee to pay?"

No. Just a simple payment of £14.50 each month which gives you access to the training and nutrition support.


"Can I cancel at any time?"

Yes you can. All we ask is for 4 weeks written notice via email to [email protected]


"What are macro's?"

Macro's are the 3 key macro-nutrients that we consume in our diet; protein, carbs and fats. This membership gives you the option to have goal specific macro's assigned to you at no extra cost. This will allow you to better understand your food choices and get feedback and support with this side of your health and fitness. You can log your food and monitor your macros through the app.


"I'm not very fit, will the home workouts be suitable for me?"

Yes! We give options to scale the workouts depending on your ability levels. If you want to be pushed or if you need options to regress, we can provide both to ensure you're working at the right level for yourself.


"Do I need any equipment?"

No, you can utilise our body-weight only sessions. However we highly recommend getting a Kettlebell for added variety and intensity. They take up minimal storage space and can be used for hundreds of different exercises.


"Will I get a personalised plan?"

No, there are no personalised plans in the monthly membership. There will be different training and workout plans available to follow each week, as well as live online fitness training and yoga classes to take part in.


"If I miss a live home workout can I watch it back again later?"

Yes. All the live workouts will be streamed via the private Facebook page and will remain there to watch back for as long as you're a member.

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