The Underpinning Factors To Achieving Your Goals

June 2017

[Mindset and Nutrition]

The Underpinning Factors To Achieving Your Goals

Ok, these two topics are pretty big in themselves and I’m only lightly touching on them here, but they’re both something I work on with everyone I train or coach.

Why? They will ultimately underpin your success.

Firstly, ask yourself... what’s your approach to getting yourself into the shape that you dream of?

Let me paint you a picture… ‘I want to get fit again! I’m finally going to lose that half a stone that I’ve been promising myself I’ll do for the past 6 months. Starting from next week, I’m hitting the gym and this time I’m sticking to it!’

This is a pretty common scenario and way of going about achieving health and fitness goals. More often than not, it ends up with a few sessions on the treadmill or exercise bike and as the weeks go by, the sessions dwindle away and we’re back where we started. In fact we’re most likely worse off than before as we define this ‘quitting’ as a failure which hangs over us with a certain degree of negativity.

I’m not surprised though, I think I would do the same if I took this approach. It’s boring, you’re left to your own devices with little to no support, guidance or structure.

My point is this – we think of getting ourselves fitter, we think exercise. Calorie burning, toning up, weight loss… Gym. Joining up to a fancy gym with sparkling equipment and taking on some half-hearted treadmill running and crunches ain’t gonna get you far. Not if you’re poorly prepared anyway. Neither is the instructor prescribing you the same ‘one size fits all’ gym induction approach which pays no attention to the importance of nutrition, mindset and sleep (trust me, I’ve been that newly qualified gym instructor).

Usually, if we want to get fit, it means we consider ourselves to be unfit. We havn’t exercised much, eaten foods that we know are bad and generally been a bit slack with ourselves. This leads to our body feeling stressed through the consumption of processed food, high in sugar and fat along with the lack of exercise.

To some degree, our bodies are probably slightly poisoned from doing this; stress levels are up, hormones and chemical levels are unbalanced and our energy levels are down. On a cellular level, we aren’t nourished and I’m going to bet that you’re dehydrated to some extent…

So let me ask you; does exercise seem like a good idea?!

Exercising with a stressed out body ain’t gonna cut it for long. Not if we’re talking long-term, sustainable and optimal health, which I am.

So then what? You want to start somewhere? Open your fridge and check out what’s lurking in your cupboards! What’s really going on in there?

Get yourself nutritionally conditioned. Nourish to the max to have as much energy as possible and feel amazing about yourself. Get your skin glowing, stay hydrated and go to bed earlier (that doesn’t mean going to bed and staying awake on your smart phone either).

Not sure what you should be eating? Ask! We’ve all got to start somewhere. Get a coach, someone who can guide you. It might be one of the best investments you make.

Your nutrition has a direct effect on sleep, mood, weight loss, work, stress, relationships, libido, training, exercise, recovery… the list goes on! So why wouldn’t you start here?

Secondly, start developing a positive ‘take action now’ attitude rather than waiting for the weekend to pass by. In the long term, a strong mental skill set such as consistency and discipline is going to serve you well. Rather than saying ‘I am going to start next week’ start today!

Get that fridge stocked with the good stuff and develop a positive ‘can do’ mentality. Once this happens, you’ll be in a much better place to start exercising and sustain it! And don’t forget, your thoughts becomes words, your words become actions and your actions become the way you live.

Go get ’em!

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