Why Diets Are Like Hookers

Most "diets" are like hookers. If you consider that the word "diet" is a short term solution, which in todays society has become the case.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing... hookers do a great job (from what I hear) as do some diets for a small percentage of people. They both work to some extent, be it the right way or not.

They're just not long term, sustainable solutions.

But it seems to be the expectation of client these days that when they start working with me, they will be presented with a "diet plan" that tells them exactly what to eat and when.

Sorry to disappoint you, but food is too firmly integrated into our lifestyles to change so drastically.

Exercise is a little more straightforward. You might do 3-4 exercise sessions a week.

But your eating habits are a much higher occurrence - more like 3-4 times per day!

So when I get started with a client, the expectation is that they will be 'wined and dined' with a lavish looking diet plan.

Again, no.

We'll look at how much you need to consume for your lifestyle and metrics before setting a couple of small, manageable targets.

Once you begin to build your habits and relationship with food, then I'll consider wining and dining you.

But in the meantime, here are my 14 reasons why diets are comparable to hookers...

  1. They dress themselves up elaborately to sell themselves
  2. The promised outcome is usually the same for everyone (a happy ending / generic weight loss)
  3. They don't last very long (or should it be, you don't last very long...)
  4. The outcome does not fulfil the value of the investment
  5. It's usually only a short term solution
  6. You're probably embarrassed to tell your mates
  7. There are many different ones on the market, but yours was promised to be the best
  8. They will do things no other diet claims to do
  9. Short-term gratification, no long-term commitment (IT DOESN'T LAST!)
  10. Sold by an under-educated charlatan or zealot who doesn't care about your health, only about what's in your wallet (A.K.A diet pimps)
  11. They all have fancy names, but again, all do the same thing
  12. The temptation of a diet / hooker outweighs the smart, logical outcome of finding a sustainable healthy eating solution (or a long-term partner)
  13. It's fun at the time, but regretful in the long run
  14. Whilst it might work at the time, there's often no meaning or sense of self-worth that you get from working hard at something (such as a lasting way of eating or long term relationship)

If you want a quick fix, a 'hooker diet' could help. But it's unlikely to last.

In some way, shape or form, the majority of trending diets simply get you to eat less as a way of losing fat.

For lasting results, build your knowledge and understanding of nutrition and food. A bit like you'd spend time building a relationship.

But either way, if it's going to work, sort out your commitment issues.

If you want happiness and success with your health and body, find a way to eat that will last the rest of your life and be prepared to learn and work at it.


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