You are NOT fat

You simply have fat

There is one statement in the world of fitness I hear all too often:

"I am fat"

It's one of the things people are most concerned with and want to do something about.

I want to change this. Or at least change the mindset and approach people have towards this.

No. You are NOT fat. You simply HAVE fat. We all do!

I believe we need to be more body positive with our approach to this.

You might have a little bit more fat than you want, but there is so much more to you than the fat you have.

Be wary of becoming defined by a single word, no matter what society might say.

As long as it doesn't negatively affect your health, don't get hung up on one single element of your well-being.

There is so much more to you.

The word 'fat' these days is beginning to become a derogatory term; people are taking offence to it.

But we need to accept that having fat is normal. We need fat.

Sure, having too much is going to have a health risk, but so is having too little.

The problem is the culture we have going on around us.

And if you ever fat-shame someone and define them by this, then shame on on. You are part of the problem.

One of the key factors are the busy lives we lead. This will determine that some of us will have more time than others.

This time factor will often be the difference between working on our health and not.

We need to accept that there will be periods in our lives when time is not a luxury we all have. During these phases, being self-critical about our bodies will probably do more harm than good.

But we need to really try to see the good more than every during these busy times!

Typically, ladies will naturally have more body fat than men. You are the ones who recreate life in your wonderful body, so having a little more energy to help you with this is a normal and incredible thing.

It makes me sad to hear about busy mums who are worried about the fat on their body after having children. YOU ARE RAISING LIFE! Your time is precious and you have so much going on. Your body is doing so much and taking care of so many.

It makes me sad to hear about hard working dads with little time for themselves to get down about the way they feel. YOU ARE PROVIDING AND WORKING HARD! Your time is also precious.

It's okay to fall out of the fitness loop. It's okay that there will be times when you're unable to prioritise yourself. As long as you can come to terms and accept that, your outlook will be much more positive and you'll be much happier.

There is more to health and fitness than body fat percentage. There is more to life than worrying about your body fat levels!

As a society, I believe we need to shift the focus.

In order to become a little happier and body positive, try focusing on some other areas:

  • Be grateful for what your body does and what it's done
  • Aim to be healthier in all aspects of your life
  • Be realistic about what you do and the time you have
  • Consider your mental well-being as well as physical health

Once you shift your mindset and focus into becoming an all-round healthier person in body and mind and you start making healthier choices, lot's of things will change.

Your mood will improve.

Your sleep will improve.

Your fitness will improve.

And as a natural by-product to this, your body fat will likely reduce.

But don't forget, body fat is a single and small component of who you are. In the bigger picture, your body is incredible and deserves to be defined by so much more than the fat you have.

Love your body for what it does and what it's worth. Not by the little bit of extra fat it might have.

Go forth and enjoy your body. It is unique and beautiful.

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